Claire Fergusson

Founding Director, Artist, Thinker

Claire is a multi-medium artist creating original works in NYC from the 70's to present day at her loft in Tribeca.

She received her MFA from CUNY Lehman College. Upon graduating, she began her career by printing fine art silkscreens for other artists and then initiating "The Claire Fergusson School for Silk Screening". In 1976, Claire presented her Book Sculptures at the opening show for Franklin Furnace, alongside fellow artist Karen Shaw. A few years later she had her first performance at Franklin Furnace, this time with fellow artist Arlene Schloss. In 1981, Claire received the Queen Elizabeth II Award and did a 3 month tour of performances and art shows throughout New Zealand.

In 1988, Claire met Jan Binney Lang and he became her friend and mentor.  Together Claire and Jan supported one another in their creative pursuits and interest in promoting outside of the box thinking.

In 1999, Claire Fergusson's book sculptures became part of the MOMA Archive through their acquisition of the Franklin Furnace Archive. Currently Franklin Furnace is archiving Claire's early works that were created with their encouragement and support.

Claire exhibited her watercolor painting "Mom In Her First Kitchen" from the "Works of the Jenney Archive" show at The Gagosian Gallery in Spring 2013.

In 2012, she established The Claire and Jan Binney Lang Art Foundation, a non profit organization with the motto “To Save the World through Art,” creating communities to unite people around the issues of our time. 


Kenneth McLaughlin

Kenneth McLaughlin,  Director.

Founding Director of the Claire and Jan Binney Lang Art Foundation and a lifetime friend of Claire and Jan from the days in the East Village NYC. He is a strong conceptual thinker and an outstanding visual and strategic producer and curator. Kenneth is a mindful person with a master plan to develop a local Art community that spans the globe with a focused digital communication plan for all artists and art to have a life of its own. 

His core belief is that Art and creative expression can heal and stimulate positive change for all communities. Kenneth is a hands-on leader in creative conceptualizing and strategy development. A career background of 20 years as an educator within the New York City Public School System with a focus on community development and Conflict Resolution. He created partnerships with the Metropolitan Opera, Apollo Theater, City at Work, Rock’n Renew and the US Federal program in Career and Technology Education.  As a Producer of live events Kenneth produced live music and art events at venues B3, Mercury Lounge, CBGB’s, Dixon Place, Soho Digital and The Claire and Jan Binney Lang Art Foundation. 

Kenneth’s goal is to create a digital communication plan to give artists the tools to digitize their artwork for current and future generations to view, learn from and enjoy. 



Cheri E. Ehrlich, Ed. D

Cheri Ehrlich, Ed.D. is a dedicated and innovative leader in the field of art and museum education. Ehrlich has more than 15 years experience teaching in museums, community centers, K-12 schools, and universities. Her research on adolescent engagement in art museums is published in the peer reviewed art education journal, Visual Art Research, and her chapter appears in the new book Multiculturalism in Art Museums Today. Ehrlich has taught at Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), Rockland Center for the Arts, Wallach Gallery at Columbia University, and Brooklyn Museum. 

Currently, Ehrlich manages school, youth and family programs at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York City. In this role, Ehrlich oversees artist educators and works closely with colleagues to provide art and craft-based, mission-driven individualized learning experiences for school, teacher, youth and family audiences.