Artist of the Month - Nov / DEC

Teju Reval

I'm a self-taught charcoal artist. A technology graduate with Masters in Human Resources, I decided to leave my corporate life behind and embark on a creative journey... one that I've always dreamed of! I like to take a traditionally messy medium like charcoal and create sophisticated, clean art that exemplifies creativity with tastefully captured ideas from around the world. Having lived on three continents, I take inspiration from my travels and global experience. I am awed by the beauty of nature, people and things that I see and I try to capture it in my work. I believe in fusion..old+new, color+B&W, charcoal+ink, traditional+modern. Travel landscapes, architecture, people and patterns are my favorite themes as they appeal to my sense of color and creative expression. My art is unique and vibrant with a touch of urbane elegance, apt for modern living spaces.