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Herbert Rockere

Herbert at California Gallery, San Francisco, in 1975

Herbert at California Gallery, San Francisco, in 1975

Just confirming the old adage that history repeats itself...

It is good sometimes to dust off the old cardboard box of photos in
the corner...or in this case, the work of an SF Bay Area artist from the 70's- to get a new perspective on what's going on in our culture/society today.

The timeliness of featuring his work when all the world is focussed on lies and lying gives pause and reflection.

From Shakespeare's quote in King Lear "I would fain learn to lie," to today's political climate & the recent cover of Time Magazine featuring "The Lie Detector" - maybe Rockere was on to something back in the mid 70's when he created work based on Liar's Dice and the Art of Deception.

Henry Hopkins, Director of SFMOMA, who gave Herbert DeRockere his singular exhibition there in 1978 said the following in the brochure on the work:

   "The combination of the two elements, the seemingly logical dice panels and the polygraphed emotional response to the truth and lie of the play as indicated by the radical sway of the detector needle, not only pinpoints the cool/hot dichotomy of the art of gambling but the very essence of human existence as well."

Though Rockere was talking about a "game" and lying - some of the same principles (cool/hot dichotomy) might be applied to the seemingly complicated world of deception going on in our lives today - the daily hearing of "fake news" and bantering about lies via twitter accounts and such as that. 

From his Liar's Dice Investigation to the Rolling Pin Series and String Grids, DeRockere's work has a constant recurring theme. Chance and its opposite (the planned & purposeful) play off one another to create a unique dynamic. 

Investigations - bring them on - wherein is the truth?

                                                                   - Christina DeRockere

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